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  The cost of your domain are NOT included in your hosting package!
  You will get one bill, that contains both, the cost of your domain as well as the cost of your hosting package

 Change of the name servers at the registrar: ns5.bighosting.biz + ns6.bighosting.biz
 I do it myself  BIGhosting should do it. That's free!

 Already a Switch.ch, Switchplus.ch customer?

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Hereby I order a hosting package for as low as 1.95 CHF     1.85 EUR€     2.15 USD$ per month

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Upper- and lowercase possible
  The passwordmay not contain the username
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  I need SSL Support Only check this if you really need it


 I already have a website / I will build my website myself  Make me an offer
 I order SiteBuilder info for as low as
99.- CHF    94.- EUR€    107.- USD$
(you only pay one time)

 I order Application Pack info for as low as 49.- CHF    47.- EUR€     53.- USD$
(you only pay one time)



  I am a BIGhosting reseller Please fill in your customer number and URL at "Comments"

  Cupon Code
  Fill in your cupon code (if appliceable), so you will get 2 months for free.

  I would like to have five years billing and get one year free hosting!


  After you sent your order, you will get the bill for one year. You will get this bill by mail in PDF. So make sure your e-mail
      programm won't consider our e-mail as SPAM. The bill is payable by 10 days. You can pay by e-banking or by PayPal.


  If you do not have e-banking or PayPal, you can also pay your bill by sending us the money by regular mail.

   As soon as you paid your bill, your webspace will be activated, and you will get your login informations by e-mail.

  If you plan to transfer your website, please make a backup of your site NOW.

 I read the terms and conditions of BIGhosting and accept them. I also understood that this is a subscription and the contract
     automatically renews itself when it is not canceled by its ending three months in advance of its ending date.


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